Manufacturing Asset Optimization:
Fewer Shortages, Higher Capacity, Lower Costs.

A powerful planning and scheduling software designed for CDMOs & Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.


How it works

Our AI-driven operations planning platform helps ramp up your productivity by optimizing your resource allocation.  With waste-reducing measures recommendations, our  system quickly provides a harmonious balance between operational excellence and sustainable manufacturing.

A system built for planners

Our system is engineered for planners navigating volatile manufacturing landscapes. With real-time access, they can swiftly adapt to disruptions and reoptimize plans on the fly. By automating this process, they can on doing their best work, right away

Integrated Planning

In a tight labour market, under utilized resource is a loss on every side. With Kaster, you can make sure your production and skilled labor schedules are well integrated and are aligned to reduce overtime, increase job satisfaction and makes the best use of all production assets.

Asset efficiency

Our platform identifies bottlenecks and idle resources, enabling you to allocate assets more effectively. Experience a new standard in operational excellence with optimized asset utilization.

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